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The AnchorLily Kit

Our patented anchoring system for those expensive floating mats has eliminated the usual ripping and tearing that seems to occur from even minor use due to the conventional anchoring point used by the manufacturer.


After having to replace countless floating pads, we designed a new method using compression and six points of contact through the foam and can be attached to any existing float pad.

After two years of field tests and prototypes,

our latest version of the AnchorLily is safe, durable, rust-proof, and has drastically lengthened the life of our lily pads.   


Cpt. Richard Mora, FL

“Quick and easy to install. I bought my friends one too"

Shannon Stewart, CA

"What a great idea. I was tired of replacing my Lilypad."

Kyle Collins, TX

“I'm really happy with my purchase. It was so easy to put on my float pad and I'm looking forward to never having to buy another one”
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