How It Works

   1.   You will center the metal plates on each side of the pad on the end opposite the manufacturer's anchor point, approximately 4 inches from the edge.


2.   The provided screws can be pressed through the foam by hand. Line up the holes in the plates to the provided screw heads, using washers under every screw and corresponding head screw.


3.   The provided stainless steel screws have a small amount of waterproof thread locker already applied, however, we always recommend adding some of your own to help prevent the screws from backing out over time. Regular tightening is also recommended with heavy use. 

   4.   Tighten the 6 bolts and corresponding 6 screw heads together as far as they will go to ensure compression on the pad and use the provided washers for every screw and screw head.



5.   Use the provided bungee to secure the topside handle by looping the bungee through the handle and clasping the bungee to the bungee cord. Depending on which side of the pad you prefer to use, both sides are available, but we do always recommend using the topside handle with the provided bungee.


    Finally, secure bungee to the AnchorLily and then to your dock or boat and enjoy your floating mat without worrying about rips or tears again.

step 1 .png
step 5 .png