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The complete AnchorLily Kit contains 2 of our rounded stainless steel compression plates, 6 flush-mount stainless steel screws, 6 flush-mount stainless steel screw heads, 12 stainless washers, uniquely crafted bungee cord, and 2 allen wrenches for installation. Use the AnchorLily with your existing or new lily pad to avoid rips and tears entirely. (*Lily Pad not included)

AnchorLily Kit

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Tired of your Lilypad ripping? So were we!

    That's why we invented the AnchorLily! 

    The AnchorLily is our patented design that eliminates the usual ripping and tearing of your floating mat at its anchoring point to your boat or dock. Our design has eliminated the issues with the traditional floating mat anchoring methods that cause unsightly rips, and eventual replacement of the entire pad. 

    Installation is easy and only takes a few minutes, and all tools required are provided in our AnchorLily Kit. 

    Using the AnchorLily, that expensive floating mat of yours will last much longer and minimize the need for replacement! 

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